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FTP to Department Accounts

1. Make sure you are connecting to host:

2. Make sure you have the correct username, password and that the your username is prepended by “fc\” then your username.

In the example the username is online, thus we login as fc\online.

3. Once logged in, you will have to look for your account in the departments’ directory.

You should be able to locate the directory in the window on the right-hand side, this is the www server and
the window on the left-hand side is your computer.

4. Once in your directory, you should be able to transfer files from your machine to the server by selecting a file
from the left hand side and clicking on the -> arrow to send the file to the server.

FTP programs can be found at:, search on FTP or

WS_FTP can be found at:

(this is the program used in the example).