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Creating Web Space on the Fullerton College Web Server 

To create web space on the Fullerton College web server, you must first have a Fullerton College Network account. Student accounts can be created upon request from within any of the campus labs. Faculty and Staff members can request an account application from their Division office, or apply online at

Once the network account has been created, you will be able to log into any of the computers in the computers labs. You will need to start Internet Explorer and go to the campus home page, You should see a page similar to the page below.

(Figure 1.0 – Campus Home Page)

Click the login link on the lower left hand side of the page. The link will take you to the campus portal (see below) where you can use your network account information to log into the site. If you are a student, you will log in with your student id, without the ‘@’ character. Staff members, log in with your network account, usually your first initial and last name and your network account password; the same password used to log into the computer.

(Figure 1.1 – Campus Portal)

Once logged into the portal you should see a screen similar to the following screen:

(Figure 1.2 – Student Portal View)

All student and staff members are given a default layout for the portal view. The tabs consist of smaller views known as channels. Each channel provides you with information and/or services on campus. The last tab on your layout, titled “Web Space” is where you can request web space. Click the “Web Space” tab. If you do not have web space you should see a screen similar to the screen below that contains a button to request web space. By clicking on the “Create My Web Space” button, you are scheduling the creation of web space. Please note that creation does not happen instantaneously. Once the space is requested, it can take 15 – 30 minutes for the web space creation process to complete.

Now click the “Create My Web Space” button.

(Figure 1.3 – Web Space Request Channel)

Once the button is clicked, you should see the following screen which explains that your web space has been requested and displays the url where your web site is located. In this case, the student’s site is at and will not be accessible until 30 minutes have expired. If you already have web space available, you will see the following screen indicating that you do not need to request space.

(Figure 1.4 – Web Space Request Channel after Space Request)

After the process of creating space has completed, you should be able to request the site from the url provided in the channel. You can do so by clicking the link for your site. You should see a temporary page that looks as follows.

(Figure 1.5 – Student Web Site)

Now you have web space available. Your web space can be accessed through FrontPage or FTP. Welcome to the Fullerton College web community.