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District Web Policy

North Orange County Community College District
Procedures Shown Herein Define How the Noted Policy Will Be Implemented

POLICY #10009 Procedures for Developing and Maintaining Web Pages
1.5 District Access and Disclosure

In the event a search of computer files is authorized, a reasonable effort must be made to secure technical assistance from a site other than the site of the employee whose files are being searched.

3.0 Web Pages

All official web pages must be approved by the administrator in charge of the program, department or division that is the subject of the page, in consultation with the District Director of Public Affairs. All official web pages must comply with the following procedures, as well as with those established by the colleges and the School of Continuing Education. Developers of official web pages are encouraged to utilize the resources of design professionals in the District in order to ensure the highest level of quality in presentation and style. Web pages should be both interesting and informative, while projecting a consistent and cohesive image.

All official home pages must include:

  • The name of the appropriate department or division and the name and logo of the appropriate college, or the School of Continuing Education.
  • The North Orange County Community College District name. The District logo may be incorporated if desired, but is not required.
  • The author of the page, with contact information, such as a "mail to" html tag
  • The most current modification date
  • Disclaimer statement or link to a disclaimer statement
  • All web pages must have links to the appropriate Home Page (CC, FC, SCE, or District).

Official web pages may not include:

  • Any commercial advertising or information on for-profit activities
  • Links to personal home pages, unless they support the academic, research and public service mission of the District
  • Copyrighted material without proper authorization

Photographs, drawings, video clips or sound clips may not be used on a without written permission from the owner of the image. In addition, people who are portrayed in such images must sign a release authorizing their use of their likeness. Official web pages and their links should be regularly updated to ensure that they are accurate and timely. Personal web pages that generate a substantial number of complaints will be reviewed by the individual's administrative supervisor for appropriate content and compliance with Board policy.